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Patchy, that little guy who personifies our Mighty In Character program always has plenty to say. But he says it in short sound bites, so that other children can follow him. One thing that adults seldom realize is that the longer their speeches, the less children remember. (The solution, of course, is to talk less but say more.)

So I’ve collected some simple one- or two-liners that could be emblazoned on something as large as a chalkboard or as small as a note card. (Perhaps Patchy should go into the greeting card business!) Wisdom is best encapsulated in brevity. It won’t take long to write these down and perhaps keep one or two folded into your pocket each day for some gentle reminders.

Set an example by always striving to do the right thing. You’d be amazed at how many people will notice. Don’t waste energy regretting your mistakes; just resolve to do better next time.

Share what you have. Care about others. Never assume that someone else has it far easier than you do.

Approach every conflict with kindness. Say something nice. Never let a day pass that you don’t tell someone, “Thank you.”

Have the courage to stand up not for yourself, but for somebody else.

Tell the truth, so you’ll never struggle to remember what you’ve already said.

Pick up your toys; help with the dishes. That’s a good start.

As you aspire to greatness, don’t overlook the blessings you’ve already been given. Faith is more than a belief in God; it’s also a certainty that your life can and will get better.

And remember––Patchy may be a trailblazer, but he’s also learning to be Mighty In Character right along with you. Lessons show up every single day. Don’t be afraid to be tested; it’s how we evolve.



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